Good oral Care is an important part of maintaining your pet’s overall health. We strongly recommend brushing your dog or cat’s teeth every other day with CET brand toothpaste to prevent the build up of calculus and tartar on your pet’s teeth. Good dental hygiene routines prevent the need for professional dental cleanings under anesthesia. In the event that your pet does need a dental cleaning, we are happy to provide this service.  In addition to all of our regular surgery services, our dental cleaning package includes:

  • Full scale and polish
  • Antibacterial injectable treatment
  • All necessary extractions
  • IV Catheterization and fluids
  • Hospital stay for the day
  • Take home pain medication and antibiotics

Complete Dentals cost $275.00 to $400.00 - A pre dental exam is required before a dental can be performed.  Older pets may need pre-anesthetic bloodwork as well.