Puppy/Kitten Pack

The Puppy/Kitten Pack is $145 and includes the following:  examinations up to six months of age, vaccinations and de-worming.  It is an affordable option to starting your puppy/kitten out with the best care available.  At most other hospitals this package would cost $300 or more. Package includes:

  • All wellness examinations are free up to six months of age. (Value:$55 each visit)
  • Distemper/Parvo combination vaccines (DA2PP for puppies – FVRCP for kittens) are given every 3-4 weeks starting at 6 weeks of age until the kitten or puppy is 16 weeks old. (Value: $27.50 each)
  • Rabies vaccine is given at 16 weeks of age. (Value: $11)
  • In addition, the kitten pack includes two Leukemia vaccinations. (Value $16.50 each)
  • The 6-month exam (puppy or kitten is 6 months old) is to demonstrate proper dental care, evaluation of adult teeth eruption and pre-surgical exam for spay or neuter.
  • Puppies and kittens will be de-wormed twice. (Value $11 each)

Products are not included in Puppy/Kitten Pack: Products include but are not limited to ear cleaner, toothpaste, prescriptions,  heartworm prevention, etc.

Diagnostics (blood work, x-rays, etc,) and spay or neutering are not included in Puppy/Kitten Packs.