Canine Preventative Care

Exams: $55.00

The cornerstone to providing excellent care for your dog is having regular exams done, at least once annually. During exams, our primary goal is to learn as much about your dog’s health as possible while minimizing your pet’s stress levels. Our exams are always comprehensive – this includes cleaning the ears, trimming nails, and expressing anal glands as well as a thorough physical exam.

Heartworm Testing: $30.00

Heartworm is a parasite spread by mosquitoes. Many people in Colorado are under the impression that heartworm does not exist in our area, or have been told that heartworm testing or prevention is unnecessary. In the last year, we have diagnosed and treated 12 heartworm positive dogs. If your dog does get heartworm, treatment can be very expensive using a controlled poisoning arsenic which can cause many complications and could lead up to death. If Heartworm does go untreated it will lead to heart failure in your dog. Heartworm testing is strongly recommended for any dog that is not on prevention, and after testing we advise giving a once a month heartworm preventative. All preventative medicines are safe to use. We strive to keep our prices on heartworm preventatives lower than any local veterinary office or internet providers.


Vaccinations are necessary to prevent deadly diseases, however, we believe that our clients should not have to overpay for, or over vaccinate their pets. Because of this, our distemper-parvo and rabies vaccines are always good for 3 years after the first initial year of vaccines.

Rabies: $11.00

This vaccine protects against rabies virus, a fatal and contagious disease spread by the bite of an infected animal. Federal law requires that all dogs be vaccinated for Rabies. After the intial puppy vaccinations, our rabies vaccine is good for 3 years.

Distemper-Parvo 5 way:$27.50

This vaccine protects your dog against distemper and parvo as well as several other deadly diseases. As with our rabies vaccine, after the initial puppy vaccinations, this vaccine is good for 3 years.

Bordetella: $11.00

This vaccine protects your dog from one of the many causes of kennel cough. At AHCS, we do not recommend going without this vaccine, many grooming and boarding facilities now require it.