Hospitalized Care

We know how hard it is for our clients and patients to be separated especially when the patient is sick. We strive to keep our patients as comfortable as possible while they are with us  and strongly encourage our clients to visit their pets while they stay with us. Our hospitalization includes any and all of the following that are needed:

  • IV catheter ($50 initial set up fee)
  • IV fluids with IV nutrition
  • All medications needed
  • Oxygen Therapy – for pets that are having difficulty breathing
  • Nebulization Therapy – for pets with upper respiratory infections
  • 24/7 care provided by Certified Veterinary Technicians

Our goal is to get your pet healthy and back home as soon as possible.

The cost for hospitalization is as follows:

$250 for the first night.

Additional nights are by weight.

0-25     lbs  $100 per day
26-50    lbs   $125  per day
51 -75   lbs   $150  per day
76 -100 lbs   $175  per day
100+     lbs   $200  per day