Mork was adopted!

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Mork came to Animal Health Care Specialists because he was having trouble urinating.  After taking x-rays it was discovered that Mork had bladder stones and need surgery.  His owners couldn’t afford the surgery which required a specialty surgeon so they were offered help from Tails of Woe – a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing life-saving veterinary care to owners in need of financial help.  Even with this generous offer of help, Mork’s owners declined and surrendered Mork to Tails of Woe.  This is not a normal scenerio for Tails of Woe as the purpose of providing assistance is to keep the pet in its home.   However, the surgery was performed and Mork has fully recovered and is in need of a forever home. His only special need is diet to prevent the bladder stones from recurring.  Mork was adopted by one of our veterinary technicians!


Adopt A Pet Today

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We are pleased to work with many great animal rescues They have many wonderful dogs needing forever homes.

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