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     Twister is a 3 year old, 9 lbs, terrier mix dog who was rushed into our clinic. He had just been hit by a car. The owners had him cradled in a blanket; his left eye was hanging out of its socket. He was badly bruised around the face and he was having difficulty breathing. He was in pain, in shock and dying. He was immediately rushed into the treatment room, where our technicians and doctor went to work treating shock and controlling bleeding. Twister was put on oxygen, pain medication and antibiotics until stable enough to x-ray. The x-rays revealed severe damage to the chest. The lungs were bruised and there was bleeding in the chest cavity as well. Twister was becoming more unstable and we proceeded to put a chest tube in. He actually died during the procedure. We were able to resuscitate him, clear the bloody fluid out of his lungs and chest. After 8 hours on oxygen and intensive 24hr care he was stable. Twister spent a few more days in the hospital then was able to be reunited with his owner. He was readmitted a week later when he was able to undergo general anesthesia to remove his eye. If not for Animal Health Care Specialists’ expertise and affordable prices Twister would have been euthanized.

     The owner tearfully expressed at the onset that she had limited funds and believed she would have to euthanize him because of the extensive damage he appeared to have sustained. The bill was a little over $1000 dollars where other clinics would have charged a minimum of $5000. Needless to say she was extremely grateful and relieved that although the bill was high, it was within her means and much less than her past experiences at other animal hospitals.